Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Investing Money Can Bring Long Term Gains

You don't have to look far to find the naysayers to tell you keep your money nice and safe in the bank or tucked under your mattress. Somewhere where it will for sure be when you need it. It's the truth.

There are both winners and losers in the investment game because in the broad scheme of the investment profiteering food chain. Some have to be eaten so that others may prosper.

So if you have money really the choice is yours to make. To sit on it as it is and be assured that it will be there as it is when it comes time to spend it. However, don't lose track of the fact that it will lose value in storage this way and "that", like it or not, is in fact a loss.

A loss that depending on what type of currency you keep in can be quite substantial. So now your response may be that the "banks or other similar savings options" pay interest. However, rarely does this amount of interest keep up inflation. As an example imagine someone who might have saved $100 in a bank say 40 years ago at 5% interest.